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Bed Size 600 X 180 mm
Longitudinal Stroke of Bed 380 mm
Lateral Stroke of Bed No
Vertical Distance of Spindle Quill No
Two Milling Head Z Itinerary 150 mm
Two Milling Head Vertical Travel 160 mm
T Grooves in Bed 3
Width of T Grooves 12
Distance Between T Grooves No
Work Spindle End to Table Center Distance No
Taper of Spindle MT NO.4
Distance Between Spindle and Vertical Carrier No
Distance Between Spindle Nose and Bed No
Spindle Center to Table the Min. Distance from the Work 130 mm
Spindle Center Line to Center Distance of the Beams No
Maximum Diameter that can be Installed 160 mm
Power of Generator 1.5-2.2 kw
Range of Generator 240 r/min
Maximum Spindle Speed No
Overall Dimension 1850 X 1500 X 1680 mm
Cooling Water Pump No
Machine Weight 800 KG
Max Height from the Drag Board No
Max Center Height from the Spring Collet No
Highest Rotation Speed No
Vertical Distance of Drag Board No
Horizontal Distance of Drag Board No
Biggest Selecting Distance of Milling Head No
Size of Work Bench No
Vertical Moving distance of Work Bench No
Horizontal Moving Distance No
Vertical Moving Distance No
No of T-Model Grooves No
Width of T-Model Grooves No
Distance b/w 2 T- Model Grooves No
Distance from center of Work Bench No
Taper of Principle Axies No
Distance from Center to the Principle Axies No
Center Line of Principle Axis No
Biggest Diameter of the Knife No
Poweer of Principle Axis No
Rotatary Speed of Prinnciple Axis No
Highest Speed of Principle Axis No
Highest Speed of Principle Axis No
Weight of Miller No
Sprining Diameter of the Largest WorkPiece on Machine Body No
Largest Lathering Diameter on the Machine Body No
Center Height on the Machine Plane No
Sprining Diameter of the Largest WorkPiece on the Tool Carrier No
Diameter of Spindle on Drilling No
Level of Cone Rank of the Spindle Hole No
Cutting Length of the Largest Workpeice No
Highest Rotational Speed of the main Shaft No
Level to Cone Rank of the Spindle on the Tail Stock No
Appearance Dimension No

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